Everything Used to Make This Classroom

Black Friday Pre-Sale

Please note that the main components of this site, which come from Digital Access Pass and SmartPayCart, are having some major Black Friday Sales (which have already started). 

Some of these are lifetime options at a massive discount, which can allow you to have a business infrastructure with no monthly or recurring fees - a very big deal especially when building up.  

Digital Acccess Pass

Digital Access Pass is the primary software that turns this website, which is really just a normal site made with WordPress, into a functioning classroom format.

All of the courses, classes are essentially normal web pages. DAP is the mechanism that says "this user signed up for this course, they are allowed to access it."

Whether it is recurring memberships, one time purchases, free courses, donation based -- everything that happens here is handled through DAP. 

A lot of the organization, the nice setup you see on the front page that lists the courses and gives you a button to access them, the page up top where you can manage your account, all of that is output from DAP, which can be customized.

Here is an older video I did about it. It has been changed and improved much even since this video. 

Smart Pay Cart

From the same company as DAP, this handles all the payments, links everything to Stripe or PayPal, makes the check-out pages that shows the product, summary, etc. with very little effort. 

Obviously, it is a seamless integration to Digital Access Pass. SPC lets me do the various things you see here, donations, pay-what-you-want, payment plans, bundled products, special offers, and just about anything else I would want to do, very easily. 

You do not absolutely have to have this to accept payments and create a classroom. DAP alone can do that, just in a more basic way, without many of the things mentioned above, or the nicer check out pages and overall flow. 

Right now it is ONLY for use with DAP. It is significantly better and cheaper than other carts out there I have used, but you would only get this if you are using Digital Access Pass like this site does. 

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a site builder, which allows me to make all of these pages in the classroom by simply dragging and dropping, typing text directly, resizing. 

There are a lot fancy and sophisticated templates in it. I personally am function and clarity over flash, so for having a classroom that works well for people on a variety of devices and is very efficient to add all of the content for the classes with no-fuss is the most significant thing. I am very happy with it.

I also chose it because a lot of this site is made from templates that import directly into thrive architect. Those templates are part of this, also from the Digital Access Pass folks. 

If you are getting into deep web design and have grand visions of what you want to create and do visually, you might need to look more into some of the various builders and options out there. 

The themes and format come from Membership Site Lab -- which, again, is part of the Digital Access Pass universe.