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Inner Reconciliation Private Sessions

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“My first private session with Evan was one of the most valuable hours of my life”

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Whether you are deep in the thick of an emotionally challenging situation, feeling stuck, lacking in direction, or have goals you are looking to reach more quickly…

I truly believe this process can help you.

So many people of widely different backgrounds have reported that it has helped to deliver clarity, calm, and results on subjects they have been struggling with for years.

It is gentle enough to meet you wherever you are, yet strikingly to the point.

Even still, Inner Reconciliation and my approach towards facilitating you in it continues to clarify and evolve. It is an art form and craft that inspires me.

I have become intimately familiar with places our minds get stuck, where patterns get formed into feedback loops, and where even the best and most beautiful teachings become something we use as another form of trying to fix ourselves, cling onto, and generally get stuck on the treadmill around.

I know these from having done all of them myself, many times!

My goal in working with you is bring you to this place of resolution as thoroughly as possible, in as short amount of time as is needed.

Nothing is better than hearing about positive shifts in your life through this process. I hope we will have the opportunity to explore this together.

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